NRF 2023

AI-Powered Omni Experiences

The product journey will never be the same.

  • Samsonite and Digital Wave

    Samsonite Confirms Multi-Year PIM Renewal with Digital Wave Technology

  • LinkedIn Live with Coresight

    Creating a Single Source of Truth in Omnichannel Retail

  • Coresight Innovator Intelligence Report

    The PIM deep dive features Digital Wave Technology.

  • Hibbett Goes Live!

    Digital Wave Technology PXM Suite powers Hibbett.com.

  • Retailistic Podcast

    Lively chat with Digital Wave CEO on the importance of product storytelling across channels.

  • Harness the Power of Digital Wave

    Grow your Omnichannel, DTC, or B2B Business with Product Experiences that Delight Customers and Drive Shareholder Value

Elevate Product Information Management (PIM)
to an Entirely New Level

Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage all product attributes, content, and digital assets in one place.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Support all media types (images, videos, sketches) and unlimited metadata.

Product Experience Management (PXM)

Create and share product stories that inspire customers wherever they shop.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Full Product MDM. Item Create, Item Master, and Vendor Portal.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML)

Full 360 product data and voice of customer analytics.

  • Product Information Management (PIM) has become a necessity in today’s digital market. It helps centralize, enrich, secure, and publish product data.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) adds those capabilities for all product digital content, such as product images, videos, and even planograms.
  • Product Experience Management (PXM) elevates PIM to an entirely new level. Using flexible workflow, advanced category management, PLP/PDP page previews, unlimited category hierarchies and attributes, sophisticated automation, and strong governance for users across the entire enterprise.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) includes added capabilities such as Item Create, Item Master, and sophisticated rules engines and workflow that connect core enterprise systems together.

Today's Digital Sea Change

Consumers expect a great shopping experience wherever and whenever they choose to shop. Brands must thrive and compete in a world where accelerating change is the only constant 

Depend on Digital Wave Technology to engage, excite, and inspire customers to purchase across all touchpoints

Elevate Product Information Management (PIM) to an entirely new level:

  • Communicate each product’s best story, curated specifically for where customers shop.
  • Automate the story-telling process across thousands of products and dozens of global shopping destinations.

Today’s digital sea change is unparalleled, representing a major opportunity to improve your profitability and market share as a strategic partner of Digital Wave. With decades of practical experience in our space, we take the time to understand your business strategy and areas of opportunity. Get to know us. We won’t disappoint!

Surf Endless Waves of New Shopping Channels

The digital wave gains momentum every day. Customers expect to find your products on more websites, social media apps, digital marketplaces, livestreams, v­­oice activated shopping, immersive 3D technologies, and other new places that have yet to be imagined.

In ever-changing tides of technology,
be prepared to meet your customers anywhere!

We Make Omnichannel Possible

DTC is rapidly becoming omnichannel with digital and flagship stores

infographic wheel depicting how digital wave technology supports omnichannel companies
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Data Governance
  • Syndication
  • Headless Commerce
  • Content Management
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Data Governance
  • Syndication
  • Headless Commerce
  • Content Management
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Data Governance
  • Syndication
  • Headless Commerce
  • Content Management

Enterprise – Single Source of Truth

Digital Wave Technology acts as the central hub to connect enterprise ­systems like ERP, PLM, Merchandising, Marketing, Supply Chain, and others with Digital Commerce platforms. Flexible enterprise workflows, data governance, security and automation. Synthesizing, enriching and syndicating product content across the enterprise–and externally–is a snap!


Easily connect and become the headless backend to drive all major ecommerce solutions like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, BigCommerce, Oracle, SAP, and others.

External Portals

Supplier and customer portals ensure that these outside parties can easily transmit and receive critical product data.


Transmit relevant product content directly to Amazon, Target, Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, Rakuten, and thousands of other marketplaces.

Social Media

Sell and market on social sites like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others.


Create unlimited and immersive-specific product content for Livestreaming, AR, VR, voice assisted sales, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Desktop Publishing

Create works such as catalogs, circulars, flyers, brochures, and magazines directly from Digital Wave.

Digital Wave Technology Results

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Faster Time to Market
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Increase in Digital Conversions
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Labor Hours Saved in Y1

Benefits that Power your Business

pink and red lipsticks lined up
Delight Customers​

Tell compelling product stories that give shoppers a great experience and entice them to buy.​

girl with braids and red fingernails holding a purse
Accelerate Speed to Market​

Configurable workflow, process automation, and governance ensure products get online significantly faster.​

woman with pink high heels against a wooden backdrop
Increase Conversions

Product enrichment, faster time-to-market, digital media, and automation increase a customer’s propensity to purchase.

hammer, pliers, and wrench on an orange background
Expand Distribution

Easily syndicate products to digital marketplaces and social channels to drive added distribution.​

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Increase Average Order Value

Creating product bundles and "you may also consider" recommendations encourage larger basket size.

hand selecting a bottle of wine from shelves full of wine bottles
Improve Efficiency and Quality

Alleviate a sea of inaccurate spreadsheets through automation that ensures manual tasks are minimized.

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Minimize Returns​

Complete product content, images, videos, reviews, and specs help customers make informed purchase decisions.​

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Expand Internationally​

Automatically translate text and currencies so products can easily be shared on digital commerce sites globally.​

White sofa with colorful pillows in room
Expand Product Assortment​

In a world of unlimited digital shelf space, easily expand product assortments to take advantage of the “long tail.”​

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Boost SEO​

Give SEO teams a central place to enhance content and ensure website(s) and products are found by every potential customer.​

Customers rank “product quality” closely behind “better deals” and above every other reason why they purchase online.

A Key Ingredient to Your Digital Transformation

Our customers sell more because their customers want to buy more!

neiman marcus store display

Manages millions of SKUs. Fuels multiple enterprise systems and e-commerce sites with one version of the truth.

fleet farm store display

Campaign Management and automated desktop publishing help products fly off the shelf.

samsonite store display

Powers selling on dozens of Asian marketplaces and social platforms.

coach store display

PXM Suite with Advanced Category Management powers e-commerce sites for multiple brands, languages, and currencies.

Seeing is believing!
Schedule a product experience tour now!

Why Digital Wave Technology

Our team has decades of experience on the forefront of every technology wave that has shifted the industry. B2C and B2B shopping are currently in the midst of the biggest paradigm shift in history, and Digital Wave helps companies navigate, stay ahead, and thrive. 

Merchandisers, Marketers, and Digital Teams love Digital Wave Platform as the premier solution for creating and sharing product stories that meet customers wherever they shop,
The result? More conversions, more sales, less returns, more loyal customers.

IT loves our Digital Wave Platform for its cloud-native architecture and ability to power a multitude of enterprise systems and processes.
The result? A more agile organization, with a reduced patchwork of disparate systems to maintain.

Executives and Finance love Digital Wave Platform for delivering ROI early and ongoing across their organization.
The result? Additional and freed up capital available for redeployment, investment, and growth.

Catch the Digital Wave!