Digital Wave Technology Mentioned in Forbes Retail

At the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE) 2022 in Chicago, Illinois, Lori Schafer (CEO, Digital Wave Technology), Louise Hynd (SVP Business Development, Digital Wave Technology), and Richard Kestenbaum (Partner at Triangle Capital LLC, Contributor at, participated in a roundtable discussion on the most pressing challenges that face today’s retailers.

During the discussion, Ms. Hynd shared her perspective on the biggest challenge faced by retailers today: bringing the physical and virtual together such that they are interchangeable.

Mr. Kestenbaum highlighted this as the focal point of his article for Forbes Retail, “The Biggest Challenges Facing Retailers Now.”

He went on to recognize Digital Wave Technology as a solutions provider that uses artificial intelligence to make sure consumers get product content presented appropriately to their demographic, location, or device.

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