Lori Schafer and dojo.live, Riding the Digital Wave: Unleashing AI’s Potential for Products

On August 3, 2023, Digital Wave Technology CEO Lori Schafer was featured on the dojo.live podcast. Her episode, titled Riding the Digital Wave: Unleashing AI’s Potential for Products, dove into how AI can lead to profitable product sales, process efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.

Ms. Shafer discussed Digital Wave Technology’s role as a strategic partner to brands and retailers, accelerating omnichannel sales through generative AI. The company’s AI solutions automate processes like creating compelling product descriptions and attributes to improve discoverability, all the while ensuring a consistent brand story across different platforms. Generative AI is a significant technology wave that enables automation and improved efficiency. Ms. Schafer emphasized the need for adaptability, intellectual curiosity, and inclusivity in embracing technological advancements for individual and business success.

Watch the whole interview here.

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