Elevating Customer Engagement with AI-Powered Product Experience Management

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital commerce landscape, delivering an exceptional customer experience is paramount. Consumers expect consistent, accurate, and enriched product information across various channels. To meet these demands and thrive in a competitive environment, retailers, brands, and CPG companies need more than just Product Information Management (PIM). They require a comprehensive solution that can centralize and optimize their product information while also adapting it for various sales channels. This is where Product Experience Management (PXM) enters the scene, and the Digital Wave Technology AI-powered PXM Suite takes it to the next level. 

Product Experience Management (PXM): A Necessity in the Digital Commerce Era 

In the digital era, product stories are the key to capturing consumers’ attention and driving sales. PXM goes beyond traditional PIM systems by focusing on crafting compelling product narratives tailored to each channel where customers shop. PXM Suite automates this storytelling process across thousands of products and numerous global shopping destinations. It’s all about telling your best product stories everywhere your customers are. 

Tailored Content for Every Channel 

Shopping journeys can start and lead customers anywhere, and each channel has unique content and formatting requirements. Whether it’s character limits, image sizes, language preferences, or searchability, PXM Suite simplifies the creation and distribution of product content and media assets tailored to each channel. The result? Engaging and inspiring customers to make the purchase. 

Moving at the Speed of Digital 

PXM Suite is the ultimate solution for omnichannel and direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailers, enabling them to keep pace with the ever-accelerating digital landscape. It combines essential elements like enterprise AI, flexible workflows, advanced category management, PIM, Digital Asset Management (DAM), unlimited category hierarchies and attributes, sophisticated automation, Product Listing Page (PLP) and Product Display Page (PDP) previews, and robust governance for users across the entire enterprise. 

Key Components of PXM Suite 

Enterprise Product Information Management (PIM): This cloud-native and highly scalable solution meets demanding enterprise-wide needs with its flexible data model, content management, and robust workflow automation. It eliminates the chaos of spreadsheets and email, bringing all products, items, SKUs, vendors, team members, and channels into a centrally managed ecosystem. 

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Centralizing all media assets, DAM enhances product storytelling with unlimited metadata and dynamic publishing, optimizing assets for various destination channels. Automated workflows and alerts ensure seamless coordination among all stakeholders involved in managing digital assets. 

Customer & Supplier Portals

Streamlining communication, product introductions, enrichment, and sales, these portals transform collaboration with partners. Suppliers can submit entire catalogs for merchants, while customers can review personalized catalogs and pricing. This opens up new possibilities for engagement and collaboration. 

Catalog Management

This feature enables the grouping of products for sales and marketing purposes. Catalogs can be published to various digital channels, apps, marketplaces, voice commerce platforms, and even immersive destinations like VR/AR. Additionally, catalogs can be exported to support print output and store signage through Adobe InDesign and Promotions Management Systems. 

Visual Merchandising (Advanced Category Management)

Empowering digital teams with hands-on control, this feature allows for the easy creation of PLP layouts using drag-and-drop functionality. Teams can algorithmically generate pages based on criteria like inventory, margins, and customer personas. This streamlines the process of previewing customer experiences before publishing to digital channels. 

Advanced Syndication

With this functionality, users can build connectors to other systems and transform data and assets in nearly unlimited ways, providing a solution for both incoming and outgoing data management challenges. 

Digital Wave Technology’s AI-Powered PXM 

In a digital-commerce landscape where customer engagement is the key to success, Product Experience Management is indispensable. The Digital Wave Technology AI-powered PXM Suite not only centralizes and optimizes product information but also tailors it for diverse sales channels, ensuring a consistent, accurate, and enriched customer experience. By harnessing the power of PXM Suite, retailers, brands, and CPG companies can increase revenue, enhance process efficiencies, and ultimately drive an elevated customer experience that leads to higher profits. Stay ahead of the competition by embracing the future of product management with PXM Suite. 

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