Digital Wave Technology CEO’s Insights Featured in Q3 Executive Roundtable 

PONTE VEDRA, FL, USA, October 11, 2023 – Lori Schafer, the CEO of pioneering AI solutions provider for the retail industry Digital Wave Technology, has been featured in Retail Today’s Q3 Executive Roundtable report titled “The Blueprint for Unlocking Success in Retail.” The report gathers insights from leaders in the retail and retail technology space, highlighting the importance of innovative technologies like Gen AI in the rapidly evolving retail landscape. 

In her contribution, Ms. Schafer emphasized the pivotal role of AI and Generative AI in today’s volatile economic landscape, especially amid challenges such as escalating retail theft and the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She stressed the need for retailers and CPG firms to prioritize value and technology investments, underlining how AI technology can enhance efficiency, elevate sales and profitability, and enrich the overall customer journey. 

“I’m honored to be included in this quarter’s Executive Roundtable,” said Ms. Schafer. “The retail industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and AI solutions, including Gen AI, are becoming essential tools for retailers looking to thrive in these challenging times.” 

The full report, featuring Digital Wave Technology’s CEO and other industry experts, provides valuable strategies and insights to help retailers adapt, innovate, and succeed in the dynamic retail landscape with an emphasis on omnichannel commerce, data integration, and personalization as key themes for retailers in 2023. 

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About Digital Wave Technology 

Digital Wave Technology strategically partners with brands and retailers to accelerate their omnichannel sales and brand equity. Providing the single source of truth for all product data, Digital Wave’s generative AI-based enterprise platform unifies the entire product journey across item creation, product management, marketing, merchandising and syndication. Results include higher conversions, accelerated speed-to-market, heightened efficiency, expanded product offering, fewer product returns and an unparalleled consumer experience. Learn more at   

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