Lori Schafer to Speak at FMI Midwinter 2024 on AI and Supply Chain

PONTE VEDRA, FL, USA, January 12, 2024—Digital Wave Technology CEO Lori Schafer will be a featured panelist at the 2024 FMI Midwinter, shedding light on “AI Developments and Impacts: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency and Sustainability.” Ms. Schafer’s participation underscores Digital Wave Technology’s pioneering role in advancing AI technology within the consumer industries. 

Moderated by Eric Weiss, Managing Director at Accenture, Lori Schafer will join thought leader Deepak Jose, Global Head of ODDA Analytics Solutions at Mars, in a thought-provoking discussion about the real-world applications of AI. 

The session will explore critical topics, including the heightened accuracy of AI demand forecasting models, which leverage enhanced product attributes to create a beneficial ripple effect throughout the supply chain. These enhancements contribute to increased inventory turns, better in-stock rates, and a reduction in food waste, particularly in the realm of prepared foods. 

One of the key areas of focus will be on the tangible improvements and financial benefits that organizations can achieve by leveraging GenAl to enrich product attribute data. The panelists will discuss how AI, when intelligently applied, not only optimizes operational efficiency but also has a direct and positive impact on customer satisfaction. The enriched product search capabilities powered by AI facilitate more efficient purchasing decisions, creating a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers. 

Digital Wave Technology invites all attendees of FMI Midwinter 2024 to join this thought leader panel discussion and gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in AI technology. As a company at the forefront of innovation in consumer industries, Digital Wave Technology is proud to contribute to this vital conversation about the role of AI in shaping the future of supply chain management. 

For more information about the FMI Midwinter conference, please visit this link: https://www.fmi.org/midwinter-conference

About Digital Wave Technology

Digital Wave Technology provides turnkey and extensible Enterprise AI applications that meet the business-critical needs of global corporations in consumer industries including retail, consumer goods, and healthcare. The company’s single integrated analytical platform offers packaged and extensible applications, as well as the flexibility for rapid development of new solutions, giving customers a competitive edge. Its strategy hinges on relentless innovation and a commitment to delivering unparalleled value through business-use-case-driven technology with impeccable customer service. Digital Wave Technology laid its foundation in Enterprise Product Information and Master Data Management which now serves as the common data model underpinning an ever-growing list of relevant solutions, including Product Experience Management, Category Management, Price & Promotion Optimization, and Maestro AI for Content and Marketing. Learn more at https://www.digitalwavetechnology.com/.

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