Simplify the Search for Sustainable Goods with AI

Brand loyalty has long been a goal of successful commerce organizations: the more your customers feel satisfied, heard, and appreciated the more likely they are to continue buying your products. Nowadays, there is an expectation that brands are equally as loyal to their customer base. Value-driven consumers want to buy from organizations that are committed to the same standards that matter to the consumer personally.  

Gone are the days of buying the least expensive, most convenient product! Today’s consumers are loyal to organizations that:  

  • Have a seamless omnichannel presence  
  • Offer high-quality product experiences  
  • Are customer obsessed  
  • Employ ethical practices  

 …and more. Who is driving this movement? 67% of Gen Z and 68% of millennials have strong beliefs about what organizations should or shouldn’t do, according to McKinsey’s recent report “How playing offense on sustainability can power e-commerce performance.” 

Understanding Value-Driven Consumers  

Today’s consumers are hyperconnected to news and media; they’re increasingly aware of local and global happenings. As a result, many consumers feel a personal, emotional connection to issues and find themselves wondering how they can positively contribute. Value-driven consumers see shopping as an opportunity to be part of the greater good and are more likely to buy with a company that makes it easy to do so. 

Around 85% of consumers have adopted more sustainable practices, and 45% expect organizations to do the same (McKinsey).  

Your customers make buying decisions based on the information that you put in front of them! One of the best ways to show off your organization’s commitment is via product attributes. If you want to capture value-driven consumers, give them value-based product information.  

Communicate Value-Based Product Information on All Channels  

In the last decade, there has been a steady incline for consumer interest in value-based product experiences. 68% of consumers will pay a premium for sustainable products in at least one category–they’re on the hunt for products that reflect their commitments (McKinsey).  

The tried-and-true way to improve digital shopping experiences for value-based customers is by enhancing product information. Let your clients know that you support the same issues that they’re concerned with by using attributes such as:  

  • Sustainable Materials  
  • Responsibly Manufactured  
  • Recyclable  
  • Ethically Sourced  
  • Gives Back  
  • Transparent  
  • Non-Toxic or Chemical Free  
  • Vegan Materials  
  • Locally Made 
  • Reused / Refurbished 

McKinsey reports that, for value-driven buyers, including sustainability features in a product listing, increases their likelihood to buy by 17-30% and that companies could see lifts in revenue of 8-14% for relevant portfolios. Value-driven consumers will increasingly make value-driven choices if organizations make it easy for them to do so!  

Value-Driven Product Experiences with Digital Wave Technology 

Digital Wave Platform transforms a commitment to values into a central part of each product story. Maestro AI is your co-pilot in enriching product attributes and crafting narratives that resonate with value-driven consumers. 

Beyond the Label: Maestro AI’s Enrichment for Conscious Consumption 

Maestro AI excels in transforming the fine details from packaging and product images into rich, searchable attributes—vital information that value-conscious shoppers rely on. With AI-native precision, it ensures that every product description is not just informative but optimized for search engines, aiding in item discoverability and SEO.  

The result? Consumers find products aligned with their ideals faster and easier, driving up conversion rates and reducing return rates. 

Efficiency in Every Aspect 

Maestro AI enables brands to highlight their commitment to sustainability and ethics with marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. The AI-native solution crafts personalized campaigns that boast their ideals rapidly, allowing brands to connect authentically with conscious consumers and potentially boost revenues. Insights from McKinsey show that marketing campaigns dedicated to highlighting sustainable choices and green commitments could increase revenues by 1%. 

With Maestro AI, brands aren’t just marketing products; they’re building a rapport with consumers who prioritize values in their purchasing decisions. 

Empowering Businesses to Lead with Values 

With Digital Wave Technology’s Maestro AI, organizations can effectively communicate their commitment to doing good. Imagine the impact on brand loyalty when every product detail reinforces the shared values between your brand and its consumers! 

For those seeking to capture the attention of value-driven consumers, Maestro AI is a transformational force. Reach out to our team to learn more! 

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