Lori Schafer Speaks on Multichannel Experience Panel at Coresight Research’s NextGen Commerce Conference

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. – June 27, 2024 – Lori Schafer, CEO of Digital Wave Technology, participated in a panel discussion at Coresight Research’s NextGen Commerce conference, titled “Beyond the Basket: Orchestrating a Multichannel Experience Symphony.” The panel featured industry leaders Heath Golden, CEO of Marquee Brands; Jon Harding, SVP, Global Chief Information Officer of Conair; Surabhi Pokhriyal, Chief Digital Growth Officer of Church & Dwight; Kristin Savilia, CEO of JOOR; and Lori Schafer, CEO of Digital Wave Technology. The session was moderated by Sabrina Escobar, reporter at Barron’s.

The panel explored the critical aspects of creating smooth customer journeys across various channels and highlighted the following key takeaways:

Data-Driven Product Improvements and Pricing Strategies: Panelists emphasized the necessity of systematically collecting and analyzing customer data and reviews to drive product enhancements and optimize pricing strategies, focusing on delivering quick and tangible benefits.

Importance of Data Transparency: The discussion underscored the significance of data transparency in facilitating smoother transactions and enabling seamless experiences between partners.

Leveraging Social Media Metrics: Brands and retailers were advised to closely monitor social media metrics—such as views, engagement, and clicks—to understand consumer behavior and adapt content and experiences accordingly.

Validation through Direct-to-Consumer Channels: The panel highlighted the value of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) channels for product design validation before scaling to broader markets, ensuring products meet consumer demand.

Lori Schafer commented on the importance of these insights, stating, “In today’s competitive market, delivering a unified and engaging customer experience across all channels is paramount. At Digital Wave Technology, we are committed to leveraging advanced AI and data analytics to help our clients achieve these goals and drive sustainable growth.”

By participating in such forward-thinking discussions, the company’s leadership continues to demonstrate its dedication to driving innovation and providing solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry.

About Digital Wave Technology

Digital Wave Technology provides turnkey and extensible enterprise AI applications that meet the business-critical needs of global corporations in consumer industries including retail, consumer goods, and healthcare. The company’s single integrated analytical platform offers packaged and extensible applications, as well as the flexibility for rapid development of new solutions, giving customers a competitive edge. Its strategy hinges on relentless innovation and a commitment to delivering unparalleled value through business-use-case-driven technology with impeccable customer service. Digital Wave Technology laid its foundation in enterprise Product Information Management and Master Data Management, which now serves as the common data model underpinning an ever-growing list of best-in-class solutions. Learn more at www.digitalwavetechnology.com.

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