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Advanced Syndication

Advanced Syndication provides a connector framework and automation​.

What is Advanced Syndication?

Data management presents so many challenges for both incoming and outgoing.

Digital Wave’s Advanced Syndication module lets users self-service build connectors to other systems, and transform data and assets in nearly unlimited ways.

Use Digital Wave Advanced Syndication as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

Advanced Syndication Benefits

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Improves organization of media assets

  • Allows easy, real-time access to media
  • Reduces amount of lost data
  • Eliminates duplicate files
  • Streamlines collaborative process

Increases efficiency across multiple teams

  • Enables quick search functionality
  • Improves agility when responding to customer and market demands
  • Increases visibility into the reviewing and approving process</li.
  • lEliminates cross-functional silos

Contributes to vibrant product stories

  • Allows for easy repurposing and improvement of well-performing content
  • Aligns brand guidelines and content so ensure up to date, high-quality file versions
  • Guarantees that only approved content is distributed across channels

2-3 solutions to common industry challenges

Amplifies visibility and control over media assets

  • Provides governance and unified standards for storing, organizing, and tagging
  • Limits who can access assets and when they can be accessed
  • Reduces redundant efforts and wasted time working on the same assets

Integrates easily with other tools and technology

    Connects content creation, marketing automation, and other platforms
  • Maximizes IT investment
  • Uses APIs to minimize disruption to existing systems

Product Experience Management (PXM)

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Headless Commerce

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