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Generative AI and Its Transformative Potential for Customer Industries

Generative AI has reached a level of maturity and accessibility that allows consumer industries to leverage its transformative potential. With generative AI, organizations can harness the power of AI models to generate human-like text, code, images, videos, audio, and more. … Read More

Digital Wave Technology CEO Lori Schafer Honored in RIS News 2023 “Influentials: Top Movers and Shakers in Retail”

PONTE VEDRA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Wave Technology, provider of the Digital Wave ONE Platform that unites the entire omnichannel product journey, today announced that CEO Lori Schafer was selected for the “Influentials: Top Movers and Shakers in Retail” list from RIS News. … Read More

2023 Top Movers and Shakers in Retail: Lori Schafer

PONTE VEDRA, FL, USA, November 1, 2023 – Lori Schafer, CEO of Digital Wave Technology, has been featured in this year’s edition of “Influentials: Top Movers and Shakers in Retail 2023” list published by RIS News. Lori is recognized for … Read More

The Winning Formula: Why Enterprise AI Solutions Outperform Point Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force, propelling companies towards greater efficiency and competitiveness. As AI technology continues to evolve, consumer industries are presented with a crucial decision: the choice between … Read More

Digital Wave Technology Illuminated in the GenAI Universe: Maestro AI Takes Center Stage

Coresight Research has given a special spotlight to Digital Wave in the realm of GenAI on the latest episode of “The Realistic Podcast: Generative AI Unveiled.” Their featured highlight is none other than Maestro AI, a robust tool designed to … Read More

Digital Wave Technology CEO’s Insights Featured in Q3 Executive Roundtable 

PONTE VEDRA, FL, USA, October 11, 2023 – Lori Schafer, the CEO of pioneering AI solutions provider for the retail industry Digital Wave Technology, has been featured in Retail Today’s Q3 Executive Roundtable report titled “The Blueprint for Unlocking Success in … Read More

Lori Schafer Featured in Forbes Article: AI’s Impact in The Grocery Industry

PONTE VEDRA, FL, USA, September 28, 2023 — Digital Wave Technology, a pioneering provider of AI solutions for the grocery, CPG, and other retail sectors, is proud to announce that its CEO Lori Schafer has been featured in a recent Forbes … Read More

The Total Guide to Generative AI for Retailers, Brands, and Consumer Goods

Generative AI is a rapidly growing field that has been increasingly utilized by omnichannel organizations to automate processes and generate new content. From providing compelling product stories to creating entire marketing campaigns, generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the … Read More

Address Excess! 7 Ways to Accelerate Speed to Market

Excess inventory eats into your cash flow, takes up precious space that should be filled by new products, often results in discounts that damage your bottom line, and more. Prioritize getting your products in front of your customers FAST, no … Read More

Digital Wave Technology CEO Speaks at Fashinnovation 2023

PONTE VEDRA, FL, USA, September 14, 2023 — Digital Wave Technology, a leader in AI solutions for retailers, brands, and CPG companies, is excited to announce Lori Schafer’s participation in the prestigious Fashinnovation event, the largest global gathering at the intersection … Read More