How Do Text-Based Machine Learning Models Work? How Are They Trained?

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The Total Guide to Generative AI for Retailers, Brands, and Consumer Goods

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Offsetting the Bottom-Line Impacts of Shrinkage with AI-Driven Price Optimization

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5 Things PIM Is Not and 1 Thing PIM Is 

5 Things PIM Is Not… An outdated concept  PIM, the acronym for Product Information Management, came into use by retailers over 30 years ago as a basic data management tool. This was long before e-commerce, complex assortments, the speed of … Read More

Address Excess! 7 Ways to Accelerate Speed to Market

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AI Redefined: How Companies Are Embracing Digital Wave Technology’s Enterprise Generative AI to Future-Proof Their Companies

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Benefits of PXM for Retail

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Modern Markdown Optimization: Beyond Traditional Solutions and Manual Spreadsheets

THE MANUAL APPROACH TO MARKDOWNS: “AN UNAVOIDABLE LOSS CENTER”  When I was in retail, we always thought of clearance markdowns as an unavoidable loss center. Every week we would manually reproject sales and inventory to determine how many units we … Read More