Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) leverages product media to contribute to rich omnichannel stories.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

No story is complete without great media to accompany it! Product stories are no different –  sharing videos, images, audio, documents, you name it, can help customers truly experience the product before the sale. 

Digital Wave Digital Asset Management (DAM) centralizes all media assets, applies unlimited meta data, and dynamic publishing so assets are optimized per destination channel. Digital Wave workflow, automation, and alerts ensure that all parties involved in providing, creating, attributing, enriching, and handling digital assets are well coordinated.

Use Digital Wave DAM as a standalone, an add-on to Digital Wave PIM, or as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

Improves organization of media assets

  • Centralize all product media assets
  • Unlimited meta data fields
  • Automated image transformations
  • DAM-specific enrichment workflows

Increases efficiency across multiple teams

  • Quickly search for media
  • Designate channel-specific media
  • Publish with metadata to improve SEO
  • Dynamic transformation during publishing
  • Receive supplier assets via SFTP or Portal
  • Automated attribution

Contributes to vibrant product stories

  • Allows for easy repurposing and improvement of well-performing content
  • Aligns brand guidelines and content so ensure up to date, high-quality file versions
  • Guarantees that only approved content is distributed across channels

Product Experience Management (PXM)

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Product Information Management (PIM)

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