Digital Wave ONE Platform

Digital Wave ONE Platform

Digital Wave ONE Platform is the powerhouse foundation for rich omnichannel stories that engage customers.

The Single Source of Truth for Product Content

Product data is the fuel for modern commerce. Digital Wave ONE Platform provides a single source of truth so merchandising, sales, marketing, digital commerce, supply chain, and your entire organization–as well as external suppliers and customersstay synchronized with the same product content.

Digital Wave’s modern, scalable cloud architecture is designed to easily connect with retail systemsboth internal and external facingto ensure your product content is compelling, accurate, and everywhere it needs to be.  Tap into the power of the wave!

Orchestrate the Product Journey

Digital Wave orchestrates the roles of your organization to make each product sing!

  • Throughout the product journey, Digital Wave orchestrates the roles of product designers, buyers, merchandisers, planners, marketers, inventory managers, e-commerce teams, copywriters, photographers, and external suppliers.
  • Designed with a configurable and embedded workflow engine, automation, analytics, and user-access security that spans across the entire enterprise, so you can see exactly where a product is in its lifecycle and know what tasks you need to perform for the next step in its journey. 
  • Many departments need to view, add, and edit product content in order to bring it to market, sell it, and fulfill it across all distribution channels. 

The result? Our customers move at digital speed and conduct themselves like a world-class symphony.

Finally, a platform for merchandising, marketing, digital, and analytics!

The Digital Wave ONE Platform combines PIM (Product Information Management), PXM (Product Experience Management), MDM (Master Data Management) with Analytics (AI & Machine Learning). 

It provides all the tools, automation, workflow, governance, and smarts that business users need. The platform supports merchandising, marketing, product content enrichment, development, management, and sharing data easily internally and externally.  

Architecture that Delivers Value Today,
Built for Tomorrow

Digital Wave is an enterprise-grade, scalable, and flexible platform that adapts quickly to evolving business needs. Through no code configuration UIs, authorized business users can control and modify solution configuration with ease. This puts the power in the hands of team members that need it most – enabling them to add new categories, hierarchies, fields, attributes, and enter new channels in days. 

Workflow brings together internal and external team members, clearly directing who needs to do what by when. It also provides visibility to any bottlenecks in processes and is critical for accelerating speed to market.

Powerful Automation supports all work streams, helps free up users to focus on important tasks, automate romance copy, attribution, categorization, badging, publishing, and more.

Data Governance ensures data quality, which is essential for shoppers to make buying decisions. Digital Wave aggregates, normalizes, and governs data at all times. 

Lightning ETL that can consume data from any source, in any format, loading billions of records in seconds. 

Extensive data model setup is a thing of the past with the Digital Wave ONE Platform.

Product Information Management (PIM) provides full product data management across categories and hierarchies.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) centralizes all media assets, applies unlimited meta data, and dynamic publishing so assets are optimized per destination channel.

Product Experience Management (PXM) Suite takes PIM, DAM and Product MDM to an entirely new level. PXM Suite adds Multi-channel Storefronts, Catalog Management, Advanced Syndication and Advanced Reporting. Add-ons include Maestro AI, Visual Merchandising, Campaign Management and Customer / Vendor Portals.

PXM Suite provides content management, versioning, optimized per channel, language, and currency. 

Maestro AI connects to any PIM, PXM, MDM, E-commerce, or data source. It accelerates product attribution, enrichment, and copywriting. Maestro also provides analytics that identifies problems, alerts the appropriate people, and enables users to take action within Maestro, and then delivering the appropriate data / resolutions to all connected systems. 

Maestro AI is available as a standalone or as part of PXM Suite.

Merchandising solutions are built on the ONE platform, with a shared data model across all licensed Digital Wave solutions, providing one rich set of product information that allows better decision making, ease of use, and efficiency like you’ve never seen before! 

Solutions include Merchandise Planning, Advanced Category Management and Visual Merchandising.

Lifecycle Pricing solutions enable merchants and pricing teams to optimally price across the omnichannel – regular price, promo, or clearance! 

Lifecycle Pricing supports one version of the truth, using rich product attribution for decisioning, allowing frequent updates (including real-time), and easily sharing price decisions with other critical systems in your ecosystem.

Analytics and Insights help merchandisers, marketers, and digital teams make informed decisions. 

Dashboards provide visibility into all products across all business process stages, and quickly identify bottlenecks. Easily report on all data within the platform.

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