Lifecycle Pricing

Lifecycle Pricing

Enable merchants and pricing teams to optimally price across the omnichannel – regular price, promotion, or markdown optimization!  

What Is Lifecycle Pricing?

From grocery KVIs to DIY to high fashion and all products in between, different pricing strategies are required. As digital vs. store pricing is considered, and zone vs. store level, a modern pricing solution understands demand in real time, at any product, location, or channel level.   

Lifecycle Pricing supports one version of the truth, using rich product attribution for decisioning, allowing frequent updates (including real-time), and easily sharing price decisions with other critical systems in your ecosystem.  

Groundbreaking AI-Powered Lifecycle Pricing

Price Optimization

Supports both rules-based and optimized price recommendations considering com-petition, business strategies, elasticities, and cannibalization across brands vs. private label, KVIs, KVCs and more.

Protect price perception, react to ever changing supplier costs and quickly account for competitive price positions and shopper trends to price intelligently, avoiding generic price matching or unnecessary price in-creases that erode margins.

Promotions Management

Develop promotions and measure effective-ness. Provide visibility of trade funds, understand cannibalization, halo, and cross-category effects, as well as post-event analysis, to drive maximum profitability.

Drive customer engaging promotions across the omnichannel, that meet business goals e.g., product, KVIs, category, basket, traffic, revenue, and margin.

Markdown Optimization

Receive optimal recommendations and do what-if/overrides and fit-to-budget, with real time visibility, to adjusted KPIs vs. optimal recommendations. Drive efficiency, via workflow and alerts, with open science to reflect and protect brand image.

Increase profit and ensure merchandise is fresh with markdown optimization - timing, depth, and location/channel. AI-driven, profit-saving alerts and image attribution drive margin increases. Prioritize fulfillment locations on low sell through inventory/items vs. taking markdowns.

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