Maestro AI

Maestro AI

Master all things product with Maestro AI, using generative AI.

What is "Maestro" AI?

Maestro provides a wide array of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and models to help teams master the product journey — from merchandising, marketing, digital selling, to analysis and decisioning. 

Maestro connects to ANY PIM, PXM, MDM, E-commerce, ERP, or data source.  

Imagine AI for merchants, marketers, digital teams, and executives to achieve success at high velocity. Look no further — Maestro AI is here!


Accelerate speed to market. Increase sales, basket size, and conversions. Improve margins. Get full visibility and control over products, channels, systems, and processes. Maestro AI does it all! 

Add Artificial Intelligence to any PIM / PXM / MDM / Ecommerce!

AI-Powered Image

Maestro’s image analysis validates and enriches product attributes using neural networks and image recognition.

Dramatically improves digital revenue, SEO, and product discoverability, leading to increased basket sizes and conversions. All while significantly reducing labor and time by orders of magnitude.

AI-Powered Romance Copywriter

Maestro writes compelling and rich product stories that excite consumers to make informed buying decisions.

Within seconds, writes multiple product descriptions to choose from, delivered at scale - accelerating speed to market.

AI-Powered Intelligent Decisioning

Maestro surfaces costly issues to act on immediately without leaving the UI. Maestro can push decisions to connected systems for approval or immediate execution.

Low code and configurable reporting dashboards allow individuals, departments, and executives to personalize views easily, while allowing Maestro to do the heavy analytical lifting.

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Master Your Domain

Merchandisers, marketers, digital teams and executives all face the daunting task of moving at lightning speed, reacting to changes in markets, trends, the “hot new shopping channel”, and are flooded with data from countless sources. Keeping up is a challenge, let alone making sense of it all. 

Let Maestro AI help you be the master of your domain. Maestro can connect to any system, receive data in any format, and will learn to spot and alert you of problems before they become problems. 

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