Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) controls, secures, and organizes the product lifecycle.

What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

Digital Wave Master Data Management is a platform that allows business and IT to work together to ensure that the enterprise’s data assets are uniform, accurate, consistent, and under appropriate stewardship. Digital Wave MDM currently is a robust solution and will soon support the following data domains: Product, Customer, Vendor, Location, and Time.

Transform a Sea of Data
Into a Single Source of Truth

  • Master data management is used by an organization to establish a single source of truth for all its critical data. Through master data management, an organization can ensure consistent and accurate master data across its entire enterprise and can collect/disseminate it from/to suppliers and customers.
  • Not all organizations need full MDM.  In fact, many retailers, brands, distributors, and wholesalers require and use only Master Data Management.  Master Data Management, built into Digital Wave, is easy to maintain and provides additional functionality to Product Experience Management such as Item Creation so that items no longer have to be entered into a laborious ERP system.  Instead, items can be quickly created in Digital Wave and can update the ERP system.

Digital Wave Master Data Management Includes:

Data Domains

Digital Wave MDM currently supports the following data domains: Product, Vendor, and Location

Item Create

Digital Wave's MDM enables clients to receive items created within the ERP, or to directly create new items which are then synchronized back into the organization's ERP

Item Master

Digital Wave's MDM serves as the Item Master or "golden record" for all data as it relates to items

Connect the Enterprise

Digital Wave MDM is a critical component of infrastructure, driving business processes that consume or create product data

Connect the Enterprise

The cloud-native, API-first, micro services architecture enables Digital Wave to easily connect to and support any third party system or business process that consumes or creates product data. A multi-billion dollar retailer has connected Digital Wave to 19 internal and external systems to ensure standard data is utilized everywhere, including analytical processes. 

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MDM Checklist

The Basics

Enhanced Web Merchandising Capabilities

Ability to utilize numerous third-party system data: SEO

Digital Wave Platform

Digital Wave Platform is the powerhouse foundation for rich omnichannel stories that engage customers.

Product Experience Management (PXM) Suite

PXM Suite takes PIM to the next level, enabling content and media optimized for each channel, language, and currency.