Digital Wave Platform

Digital Wave is an API-first, cloud-native, scalable, enterprise-grade platform.

Designed and built by industry veterans (retailers, brand managers, technologists), our focus is helping companies overcome the challenges of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Digital Wave helps clients do more, faster, with less effort while providing complete visibility across the product lifecycle.

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Digital Wave platform
Digital Wave platform

Modern Architecture for Modern Commerce

Digital Wave Product Central Checklist

Product Central Solutions
Product Experience Management (PXM)
Product Information Management (PIM)
Product Master Data Management (PMDM)
Digital Asset Management (DAM) — with full meta data, audio, video, image support
Customer / Vendor Portal
Vendor Management, Vendor Catalogs, Order Management, PO Routing
Merchandising Solutions — Financial, Assortment, Category Planning & Management
AI / ML Product Insights
Visual Merchandising — PLP Sequencing
Adobe InDesign circular, catalog, and marketing support
Feature Function
Full product lifecycle, channel, and performance visibility
Enterprise workflow — supports unlimited workflows with serial, parallel, optional steps
Automation — drive efficiency across business processes
Extendable data model — via point-and-click configuration
Data governance
Multi-brand, multi-region, multi-lingual
Dynamic views with user read / write / mass update controls
Low code / No code, highly configurable, designed for non-technical users
Notifications & alerts
Built in chat & collaboration for internal and external resources
Flexible and automated reporting
Turn-key connectors to common ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and marketplaces
Cloud native, highly scalable, enterprise-grade
API-first with micro services
Multiple data domains — product, vendor, location, time

Digital Wave Product Central Solutions

Digital Wave Product Central is the single place to go — and know — all things product! It provides the tools, automation, flexibility and smarts that business users need, and provides full visibility to where a product is in its lifecycle. Easily access all product data, content, digital assets, assortment / category plans, and financial performance in each channel.

Digital Wave brings together all of the key solutions for merchants, digital / ecommerce, vendor management, marketing and analytics in one single, easy to use, flexible platform.

Product Experience Management

Full product experience management, product content management, channel management and syndication.

Product Information Management

Drive digital sales and ecommerce experiences for customers across channels.

Digital Asset Management

Centralized repository of digital assets including images, video, audio, animations, documents with full flexible meta tagging.

Product MDM

Full product master data management, supporting entities, unlimited fields, and configurable data model.

Merchant Solutions

Merchandise financial planning, assortment planning & management, category management with Buyer tools, clustering.

Supplier Solutions

Vendor management, catalogs, order management, purchase order routing, and document repository.

Customer / Vendor Portal

Provides seamless collaboration with vendors for product submission and enrichment, and with customers for sharing catalogs, pricing, and driving B2B sales.

AI / Machine Learning Analytics

SKU-level voice of customer analytics, competitor assortment analytics, product attribution and enrichment.

Enterprise Workflow, Automation, Data Governance

Digital Wave Enterprise Workflow, Automation and Data Governance connect people, processes, and systems together for omnichannel success.

Enterprise Workflow

Flexible, powerful, and configurable workflow engine to drive efficiency across all merchandising and supply chain processes.


Improve efficiency through automation, including auto-enrichment, data condition-based automation, and self-service automation at the fingertips of business users.

Data Governance

Configurable rules engine to drives high quality and clean data, ensuring premiere customer experiences across channels.

Multi Domain Data, Cloud Native, Self-Service

The foundation of the Digital Wave Platform is a flexible, highly-scalable, cloud-based data store that supports multiple data domains.

Multi Domain

Currently supports Product, Vendor, Location, and Time domains. Expanding to additional domains for full feature MDM.

API / Micro Service Architecture

Access and manipulate data and processes fully through our robust API framework.

Cloud Native / Highly Scalable

Enterprise grade solution benchmarked for millions of SKUs.

Low / No Code Self-Service

Empower authorized business users to create, edit, and manage users, workflows, automation, syndication, governance and more through intuitive self-service UIs.


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