Lifecycle Pricing

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Assessing A Lifecycle Pricing System

In the fast-paced world of retail, where staying competitive is essential, adopting an AI-powered price optimization solution is a strategic move. As you navigate the dynamic landscape of lifecycle pricing, it’s crucial to pose the right questions to ensure the … Read More

The Evolution of Price Optimization Solutions: What Comes Next?

In the dynamic realm of business, price optimization has always been the crux of profitability and success. The journey from rudimentary price setting methods to the sophisticated algorithms of today reflects the transformation of commerce itself. Let’s traverse this journey … Read More

Offsetting the Bottom-Line Impacts of Shrinkage with AI-Driven Price Optimization

Is your retail business grappling with the spiraling costs of shrinkage that is eroding your bottom line – even more? Are you witnessing a surge in both customer and employee theft – contributing up to 80% of the total shrink … Read More

Modern Markdown Optimization: Beyond Traditional Solutions and Manual Spreadsheets

THE MANUAL APPROACH TO MARKDOWNS: “AN UNAVOIDABLE LOSS CENTER”  When I was in retail, we always thought of clearance markdowns as an unavoidable loss center. Every week we would manually reproject sales and inventory to determine how many units we … Read More