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Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising offers advanced category management for digital teams​.

What Is Visual Merchandising?

Digital Wave’s Visual Merchandising (Advanced Category Management) provides hands-on control over PLP sequencing to digital teams!

Easily create PLP layouts using drag-and-drop, or algorithmically create pages driven off any number of criteria such as inventory, margins, customer personas, and more! Within minutes have any number of layouts saved and ready for approval, giving teams the ability to preview customer experiences in a sandbox before publishing to digital channels.

Use Digital Wave Visual Merchandising as a standalone or as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

Easily Sequence Products on Listing Pages

Visual Sequencing and Digital Space Planning is a breeze with Digital Wave Generate PLP page layouts and product sequences via rules, drag and drop, or both. Deliver stellar customer experience through personalized dynamic pages.

Product Experience Management (PXM)

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Advanced Syndication

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