PXM Suite

Product Experience Management (PXM) Suite

PXM Suite takes PIM and DAM to the next level, enabling content and media optimized for each channel, language, and currency.

What is Product Experience Management (PXM)?

The best product stories always win!  Brands must thrive in the highly competitive and complex digital-commerce world where accelerating change is the only constant.  Customers expect a great shopping experience, wherever and whenever they choose to shop.  Product Information Management (PIM) helps brands gather, enrich, and publish their product data.  It’s become a necessity in today’s digital market!

Digital Wave’s Product Experience Management (PXM) Suite takes today’s PIM and MDM systems to an entirely new level! It focuses on telling each product’s best story, curated specifically for where customers shop, so they buy more.  It then automates that story-telling process across thousands of products and dozens of global shopping destinations.

Tell your best product stories everywhere customers shop.

Shopping journeys can begin and lead anywhere. Each channel has its own content and formatting requirements, such as character limits, image sizes, language, searchability hacks, and more.

PXM Suite makes it easy to create and share product content and media assets optimized for each channel.

The result? Inspiring and engaging customers to win the sale.

Move at the Speed of Digital!

PXM Suite is–by far–the most powerful product storytelling solution for omnichannel and DTC. It combines all the critical ingredients to help merchants, marketers, and e-commerce teams move at the speed of digital.

PXM Suite harnesses the power of Digital Wave’s flexible workflow, advanced category management, PIM, Digital Asset Management (DAM), unlimited category hierarchies and attributes, sophisticated automation, Product Listing Page (PLP) and Product Display Page (PDP) previews, and strong governance for users across the entire enterprise.

Digital Wave PXM Suite Includes:

Enterprise Product Information Management (PIM)

Meets demanding, enterprise-wide needs with workflow, automation, governance, flexible data model, content management, and much more in a cloud-native and highly scalable solution

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Adds the ability to centrally manage all media types to accompany product content and support exceptional product storytelling

Customer & Supplier Portals

Transforms how organizations collaborate with their partners by streamlining communications, product introductions, enrichment, and sales

Catalog Management

Enables creating and sharing product catalogs and supports B2B, flyers, promotions, campaigns, and digital and print marketing

Visual Merchandising

Provides advanced category management capabilities, PLP sequencing, and visual planograming for the web

Advanced Syndication

Enables full data and asset transformation, employs advanced rules-based automation, and supports data publishing

Headless Commerce

Creates personalized shopping experiences across digital channels

Digital Wave Product Information Management (PIM) is an enterprise-grade cloud-native and API-first SaaS solution for centralizing, managing, enriching, and publishing product data. 

For large and complex organizations, PIM is ideal for eliminating spreadsheet and email chaos and bringing many products, items, SKUs, vendors, team members, brands, digital, physical, and print channels into a centrally managed solution with workflow, automation, and data governance. 

For small to mid-sized organizations, PIM is ideal for jump starting digital strategies, with point-and-click configuration and flexibility that will support your business through rapid growth. 

Digital Wave PIM is available as a standalone, as a bundle with DAM, and as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

Digital Wave Digital Asset Management (DAM) centralizes all media assets and applies unlimited meta data and dynamic publishing so assets are optimized per destination channel. Digital Wave workflow, automation, and alerts ensure that all parties involved in providing, creating, attributing, enriching, and handling digital assets are well coordinated.

Digital Wave’s DAM is available as a bundle with PIM or as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

Commerce at the speed of digital is a team sport!

Today, suppliers have become a critical part in new item introduction, enrichment, and data sharing which can be streamlined and benefit from Digital Wave’s workflow, automation, governance, alerts, and reporting. Engaging and collaborating more closely with B2B customers offers many benefits. 

With Digital Wave Customer & Supplier Portals, collaboration with partners has never been easier! Suppliers can submit entire catalogs for merchants to shop and customers can review personalized catalogs and pricing for them to shop. The possibilities are endless!

Use Digital Wave Customer & Supplier Portals as a standalone or as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

With Digital Wave, easily create and distribute product catalogs to print and digital channels!

Digital Wave Catalog Management enables products to be grouped together and used for sales and marketing. Catalogs can be published to digital channels such as e-commerce, marketplaces, apps, voice commerce, and immersive destinations (VR / AR). Catalogs can also be published to Promotions Management Systems and Adobe InDesign for print output, store signage, and more. 

Use Digital Wave Catalog Management as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite. 

Advanced Category Management for Digital Teams

Digital Wave Visual Merchandising (Advanced Category Management) provides hands-on control over PLP sequencing to digital teams!

Easily create PLP layouts using drag-and-drop, or algorithmically create pages driven off any number of criteria such as inventory, margins, customer personas, and more! Within minutes have a variety of layouts saved and ready for approval, giving teams the ability to preview customer experiences in a sandbox before publishing to digital channels.

Use Digital Wave Visual Merchandising as a standalone or as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

Connector Framework and Automation

Data management presents so many challenges for both incoming and outgoing.

Digital Wave Advanced Syndication lets users self-service build connectors to other systems, and transform data and assets in nearly unlimited ways.

Use Digital Wave Advanced Syndication as a part of Digital Wave’s PXM Suite.

 Create Personalized Shopping Experiences Across Digital Channels

Headless commerce is a strategy and architecture designed to separate what consumers see (via the “front-end”) with where the data lives and transactions occur (in the “back-end”).

When a consumer visits a site or launches an app, what is presented to them can truly be dynamic, based on who they are and what they are interested in.

Digital Wave Headless Commerce simplifies managing e-commerce sites, including managing categories, navigation, products, assets, Product Listing Page layouts, Product Detail Page layout, and more.

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